Mission Statement

Coos Cares will assess families, align services, and advance their growth to independence by removing barriers while creating a community where homelessness is not an issue.


To live in a community where all residents are stable.

Who We Are

Coos Cares was founded in January of 2017 and became IRS tax exempt in June 2017. We started hiring staff in November 2017 and opened our first transitional living home on February 1, 2018. Coos Cares is the vision of three founding board members that have a wealth of experience working with the homeless and at-risk populations in this area. We created Coos Cares because there is a critical need for transitional housing and support services for homeless families with dependent children in Coos County.

Coos Cares also recognizes the need to begin advocacy for low income families struggling to find affordable housing. Advocacy will begin with property owners/managers and work towards bringing all stake holders to the same table to discuss how they can partner with local agencies to assist both property owners/managers and tenants navigate successful relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Coos Cares will build strong partnerships and collaborate with other community resources and stakeholders to advance advocacy and remove barriers for all who need assistance in Coos County. Specifically, through education and information, Coos Cares will engage the community to be proactive in finding ways to build community for all of Coos County residents who find themselves homeless. Through our partnerships and collaborations, Coos Cares will increase community capacity to provide affordable housing and will look forward to a community where homelessness is not an issue.


Jennifer Spatz

Executive Director


Joni Smith

Case Manager/Care Coordinator


Board Members



Israel Jurich


Jordan Slape

Vice President

Dana Webber




Greg Dalton


Judy Lovell


Dan Hinrichs


Melanie Mateski


Martha Elena Molitor



Donations Welcome

Donations are always welcome in all forms.